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Recent International surveys report that most working professionals are more satisfied working as independent consultants than as employed. Most are meeting their targets and earning more or at least the same as when they were employed, despite working fewer days. Independents also rate their current work quality as higher compared with when they were working traditionally.

The flexibility offered by an independent working life is particularly appreciated by the women. Greater control over their time and a better work-life balance were the two key reasons women became independent.

To engage Independent professionals the firm must have a clear job description with a dynamic work flow system to utilize its best options to optimize returns.

Valerejobs, a Global Jobs and career platform, through its 'Smart Resume' by analyzing and grading professionals by their Core competency, soft skills and past performance has taken the major step required towards the future of establishing Independent Professionals effectively. At Valerejobs professionals, while being analyzed and graded are globally encouraged to assess their strength and areas of excellence, offering the employer with the best matching job placements to optimize productivity and services while establishing a system based on merit and efficiency.

To assist the HR further to reach their respective goals of the Organizations, 'Valerejobs' offers several customized training, IT enabled services and a modern 'state-of-Art' IT lab/Studio, with a Training center complying to EU, US and International standards, with a vision to encourage women.



Why Professionals are turning Independent.
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