About us

'Valerejobs.com' is a global on-line platform, inventively designed to help our clients to classify their Core Competencies so that they may assess their strength and areas of excellence, enrich their career while being supported with multiple facilities provided through our web platform for ‘Regular’ and ‘Online Freelancing jobs mainly for women’.

At Valerejobs.com we test and grade our candidates in a ‘Smart Resume', free of cost, to emphasize upon developing the quality of human resources and to establish a merit based system. The aim being to create a competent global society that can use technology to optimize efficiency, sustain development and offer a fair opportunity to each individual.

‘Valerejobs.com’ is a Subsidy of Valere Enterprise, an IT & Engineering Company based in Bangladesh.

'Valerejobs.com' is an on-line facilitator to offer multiple services to equip our global clients for the 4th. Industrial Revolution .

Through our ‘Regular Jobs,’ we offer suitable jobs with quality candidates. Our ‘On-line Freelance jobs mainly for Women’ supports Family bondage, Gender equality and Women Empowerment. In addition, we seek to offer Customized Training; Educational Insurance; Health Care; Crop Insurance; Financial amenities and much more to facilitate Institutions to grow along with our Human Resources.

Our Co-founders


Mohammad Najmul Islam

Chairman and Co-founder

Mohammad Najmul Islam, Chairman of Valere Enterprise and current CEO of Valerejobs.com has around 43 years of experience in various business fields of Exporting, Indenting, Shipping as Proprietor of Islam & Co., In Manufacturing, as Managing Director of Hay Electrical Industries Ltd and as Financial consultants, in Unipex International, Dubai. He is a 1972 batch B.Sc.(Honors) in Economics from the University of Dhaka. He is a fellow member of Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management and an Ex-Rotarian.

Zeenat Islam


Zeenat Islam, Co-founder of Valere Enterprise is an innovative entrepreneur, dedicated to utilize her business acumen and services for social welfare since 1985. She is Vice-President of The National Women Federation Bangladesh and Chairperson of Women and child welfare and Center for Zakat Management(CZM). She was the Past President of SAARC Women's Association and Past President of Inner Wheel Club of Metropolitan, Dhaka . In addition to Valere Enterprise, she is the Director of Hay Electrical Industries Ltd., and a Group Board member of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd., She did her Honors in 1980 and MSS in 1981, both in International Relations from the University of Dhaka.