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Nowadays working from home is not a new trend anymore. Though there are different pros and cons of working from home, many progressive companies now let their employees work from home, or they prefer hiring people (Freelancers, digital nomad, and others) who love to work online.

Here are some of the major benefits that you or anyone will get when working from home.

ü  Full Control over Your Schedule

ü  Better work-life balance Lower stress, greater well-being

ü  Tax Benefits

ü  Increased satisfaction and higher productivity

ü  Saves commuting time and cost

ü  Control Over Income

ü  Flexibility & Reliability

For introducing Bangladeshi people with all these facilities “” introduced online job opportunity focusing on putting the right people in the right jobs, thereby increasing their productivity along with job satisfaction. is also working on a mechanism that will ensure the freelance worker get their due payment and the employer receives the precise work within the given time. Companies are certainly following the trend, and hopefully employees will have the flexibility to work from home, if not at all the time, at least when needed.



Work from home: Use the time with benefit
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