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A bad hiring decision is a costly mistake and it takes time to recover from a bad hire. Given all the different people and aspects involved in the hiring process, it’s remarkably easy for bad practices to slip into the system.

So where can your hiring process improve, and how can you get the most out of your interviews? Here are some tips to recover from a bad hiring practice.

1.    Start The Hiring Process Over

2.    Target specific set of candidate you need

3.    Be Clear and specific on job responsibilities

4.    Always include Pay Range On Your Job Posting

5.    Upgrade Your selection process

6.    Don't Use A Recruiter Who Isn't Familiar With The Position

7.    Be Prepared For The Interview

8.    Design the whole selection process into stages

9.    Share the Steps and details with candidates

10.  Ensure complete transparency and equality 

At Valerejobs candidates are sent to employers after a long range of assessment and verification processes.With the help of automated system candidate’s talents, values and performance are digitally assessed by their Core competencies,Professional skills, IT and soft skills and matched with job description. HR professionals analyze these metrics with a referral check, online test and online interview. This Combination of measuring proficiency, testing and grading ensures quality candidates, specialized and precisely matching with the job requirements.

Valerejobs aims to introduce quality employees who can contribute with their skills and perform constantly to optimize the company’s efficiency and productivity.

Ways to Recover from Bad Hiring Practice
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