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Dear Sir,

As an Institutional Investor we would request you to sponsor our 'Online Freelance jobs mainly for Women' Globally, which we  like to make a soft launching by end April 2019. We would like to initiate this website to cover the adjoining South East Asian Region, covering countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Laos, Bhutan and connect them with Japan, USA, EU.  Introducing Global online freelancing and regular job site.

These 10 East Asian countries, have a growing young population of about 887 million[1], where Internet usage has grown from 6.26 million in 2000 to about 431.74 million in 2017, [2] where a country like Bangladesh is the second largest Global supplier of IT professionals and  freelancer, after India [3]  and all combined, this growing region can contribute significantly to the growth  of the global gig economy, estimated at U$3.17 trillion in 2017 and meet the IT  skill requirements of EU, where 756,000 unfulfilled IT jobs are expected by 2020 and poised to grow more Globally with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Sponsoring this project for one year, would allow increasing amount women to work from home, keep the family bonded, reduce poverty and create educational opportunities for children, with much more benefits to the society. The sponsor will have the opportunity to be advertised in the most populated and fast developing countries, where the GDP growth is above +6.00%.


We, is a product of Valere Enterprise, an IT and Engineering firm in Bangladesh. It is a "Next Generation" job and career platform offering an online 'Smart resume', where a dual analysis system enables the employer to have specialized and matching candidates and the executives to identify areas of their core competencies and constantly improvise upon. Valerejobs Corporate Video .


 We look forward to your response and assure you of our best cooperation,



Web: www.

Sponsoring our Online Freelance jobs web platform mainly for Women.
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