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Technology is changing the world as we know it, and that includes how we do business. Whether it's for the better is up for debate; nonetheless, if we want to keep up, we must adapt and acknowledge these advances.

From job boards to AI software, these systems have changed the way recruiters search for and find potential candidates. Social media has played a big role in this evolution, and while there are a number of benefits that come from using social media in your digital recruitment strategy, it’s not without its problems. Also there are Third-party recruiters, agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs. Many recruiting software applications are also developed to help employers target candidates, placing the ads in front of the right people with the right skills and experience.

At Valerejobs candidates are sent to employer after a long range of assessment and verification process. With the help of automated system candidate’s talents, values and performance are digitally assessed by their Core competencies, Professional skills, IT and soft skills. HR professionals analyze these metrics with a referral check, online test and online interview. This Combination of measuring proficiency, testing and grading ensures quality candidates, specialized and precisely matching with the job requirements.  In Bangladesh “” offers online job opportunity especially for women, while focusing on putting the right people in the right job, thereby increasing their productivity along with job satisfaction.  Companies are expected to follow the trend and offer the flexibility for employees to work from home, as they discover it to be more efficient and cost effective. To encourage people to receive more freelancing assignments, Valerejobs is also preparing to offer specialized courses from internationally accredited Universities.

Hiring in the Digital Age
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