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Freelancing is becoming more popular with the rapid spread and acceptance of “exponential technology”. In this race of high technology, according to Oxford Internet Institute (OII) of Oxford University in the UK, Bangladesh now contributes to 16.8% of all outsourced online workers in the world, a rate which is second only to India at 24.6%. According to the ICT Bangladesh Division, in Bangladesh there are 650,000 registered freelancers and about 500,000 IT personnel working online regularly and the number is expected to increase rapidly with a large population of under 25 who make up half of the country's population.

Following this trend, women free lancers of Bangladesh, who are presently estimated to make 25% of the total, are expected to double. More because, Freelancing being a home based assignment is ideal for women able to prove their creativity and practical skills.

In Bangladesh “” is introducing an exclusive online job window to avail freelancing work opportunity. The company is to emphasize upon the online freelancing job prospects by securing payment of the employers and ensuring payment to the freelancers against their completed work orders. To encourage freelancers to receive more assignments, Valerejobs is also preparing to offer specialized courses and training programs.

Freelancing: the future of employment
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