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As the impact of the AI's is being experienced in all areas of business, the quality of HR has to grow as technology will provide HR with more options, facilities, metrics and data for The Organizations to grow.

AI’s most significant impact will be on providing HR the appropriate options and the skills. Many organization, operating as before, find themselves short of the right kind of skills to improve upon and the skills to visualize the opportunities or shortages they have or might face in two or three years' time.

The challenge for HR 's would be to move from a process-driven discipline to one that has dynamic higher strategic functions enabling the Organization to utilize its best options for optimum returns. Few organizations have any idea about what skills they already have or require within their HR.

Valerejobs, a Global Jobs and career platform, through its 'Smart Resume' by analyzing and grading professionals by their Core competency, soft skills and past performance has taken the first step towards the future of HR. Under this system since candidates as professionals are globally encouraged to assess their strength and areas of excellence, the employer is provided with the best matching job placements, providing the key tool for the organization to optimize its challenges and options, while a system based on merit and efficiency is established to face the future Technology at its best.

To assist the HR further to reach their respective goals of the Organizations, 'Valerejobs' offers several customized training, IT enabled services and a modern 'state-of-Art' IT lab, with a Training center complying to EU, US and International standards.

AI's impact on HR.
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