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Have access to better candidates, following third party recruiting are able to negotiate with skilled and matching candidates at better value.

Saves time of the Employer. The recruitment process is lengthy and takes an experienced and professional to Screen CV's, communicate with candidates,  initiate interviews, negotiate salaries, etc.          

Market Knowledge of the recruitment consultants guides the employer on salary bench-marking, latest trainings taking place and other vital information of the respective sector.                                      

Recruiting Knowledge. The recruiting agent knows to advertise your job, use the popular words for maximum people to view and screen CV's more efficiently then an employer can.                          

Employer Branding. Agencies represent the employer professionally and ensure candidates knows well about the company, which is very important and helps the right candidate to be confident select the job.                  

Shares Risk. Good agencies either replaces (for Free) if their recommended candidate leaves within a certain amount or refunds the money. The employer does not have to go through the hassle for looking for another candidate.

In Bangladesh “” introduced Quality Candidate formula by focusing on placing matching candidate in the right jobs. At Valerejobs candidates talents are digitally assessed by their Core competencies in their Professional, IT, and soft skills. HR professionals further analyze these digital metrics with a referral check, online test and online interview and grades each candidate. This Combination of measuring proficiency, testing and grading ensures quality candidates, specialized and precisely matching with the job requirements

Advantages of third-party recruiting
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