About us

Valerejobs is a 'Next-Generation' jobs and career management platform that offers quality candidates, precisely matching with the employer’s requirements through a dual check 'Voice of Customer' process analytical system.

At Valerejobs:
- Candidates are assessed by their core competencies, Professional, IT, soft skills;
- HR professionals analyze these metrics with referral check, online test, online interview;
- Combination of measuring proficiency, testing and grading, ensures quality candidate;
- Candidates precisely matching with the job requirements.

This process, upgrades Valerejobs.com to the 'Next Generation' of jobs and career platform as it supports entrepreneurs and candidates globally to optimize efficiency in the face of constant challenges.

In addition,
-Valerejobs.com offers dedicated online jobs specially for women and free employment services for physically challenged;
-Free employment services for the physically challenged;
-We have a 'Forum' to exchange the progressive global views on Jobs, Career and Management;
-A 'Business News' window to update Entrepreneurs and Job seekers on latest HR news.
-As we offer Internationally accredited courses, we have undertaken to train and simplify the level of knowledge and technology locally adoptable, to synchronize with developing nations.

Taking advantage of Online Technology, 'Valerejobs.com,' an enterprise of Valere Enterprise, is designed to meet the latest Global HR requirements constantly from Bangladesh. Offering talent constantly based on merit to optimize efficiency and at an economic scale is our target. With a combination of dedicated young and experienced group of professionals we aspire to reach out globally to all, offering each a richer experience, without fear.